March 16th, 2020

When will you get your 189 invites – March 2020 estimates

The 13th March 2020 invitation round looks around 1200-1500 invites

We will continue to estimate an average of 1000 invites per month to take account of DHA changing their numbers randomly and based on what their budgetary figures are for the 2019/20 program year

Our unofficial invitation results for 13th March are here –

Unofficial March 13th 2020 Skill Select invitation results 189/491

Our full Assumptions are on the table below

For the 491 (family sponsored) visas DHA have limited themselves to only inviting MLTSSL occupations that are non pro rata in most cases. This policy is stated on their official monthly invite results. However a number of the pro rata occupations have not filled up their allocation each month by the time DHA have invited their total round allocation (1000 or 1500 or 300 as it changes each round. And so some pro rata occupations get lucky with an invite. This statistically is unlikely to ever happen for Accountants and Auditors though.

As a result of this limited number of eligible applicants the 491 invite score we anticipate to continue to drop and may get down to 75/80 points soon (including the 15 sponsor points)

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