October 6th, 2022

Unofficial 189 and 491 family invite results – 6th October 2022

A very large round has happened for the 189 and 491 Family skill select today

We have seen invites for offshore EOIs in the the following occupations ..Food technologist, Engineering technologist, Chemical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Plant Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Industrial Engineer. Scores were down to 65 points and an EOI effect date of 1st Oct 22 in some of those occupations

For onshore EOIs we saw invitations in various Nursing specialisations down to 65 points again. As well as Civil Engineers down to 80 points, Mechanical Engineers at 90 points

And for 491 we saw offshore invites in similar occupations down to 85 points

There will be other occupations and lower scores invited that we have not seen and you will need to wait for the official results from Home Affairs to see these exact scores in a few weeks time