October 29th, 2021

Skill Select round October 29th 2021 for 189 and 491 family

The second quarter skill select round was held today.
It looks again like around 500 invites for the 189 program

The lowest ranked EOIs we have seen with an invite were

189 – 90 points with an EOI effect date of 06/10/2020
491 Family – 85 points with an EOI effect date of 22/07/2021

The occupations we have seen so far with an invite were
Chemical Engineer
Medical Lab Scientist
Production and Plant Engineer
Aged Care Nurse
Nurses (many specialisatons)
Mid Wife

The next invite is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of the year. anytime in Jan, Feb, Mar 2021

more results as we receive them

Any questions to query@iscah.com thanks