May 28th, 2020

Skill Select round 25th May 2020

A selection round sort of happened on the 25th May

189 invites
From what we can see Nurses were invited down to at least 85 points with an EOI effect date of 11/12/2019
Other medical professionals got down to invites at 85 points as of 02/04/2019

491 invites
Nurses got down to 80 points with an EOI effect date of 06/04/2020

It also looks like only those who nominated as being in Australia on their EOI were eligible. Many other occupations did not get an invite at 90 points or more for the 189. So clearly this invite round has been slanted to the Nursing and other medical professions.

We have seen at least 4 invites where the details of an EOI for a 189 have been invited. But the text shows 491 in the letter. It seems this is an error in DHA selecting the wrong template of wording in the invite letter. I would think those people can safely lodge a 189 visa until we hear otherwise from DHA.