May 17th, 2022

ALP – Labor Party Migration policy if they win government on 21st May 2022

There is a good chance that the ALP will win the upcoming Federal Election
As such it is interesting to know their migration policy

Much of this is detailed in their 2021 policy document here

ALP Policy

Building a stronger nation through migration

80. Labor believes that migration plays an integral role in building prosperity for all Australians.
Labor’s post-war migration program brought millions of people together to build a stronger
country. It is one of Labor’s proudest achievements. A strong but fair migration policy offers
education, jobs, prosperity and citizenship, combined with opportunity, safety, security, rights
and responsibilities. It provides the perfect recipe for a better Australia.

81. Australia is one of the most successful multicultural nations on earth. Labor will ensure
Australia’s migration favours permanent over temporary migration, to create a nation of people
with equal rights and a shared interest in our national success.

82. The size and composition of Australia’s migration intake will take into account net overseas
migration, its effects on employment and training opportunities for Australian residents,
demographic trends and other factors, while responding to current and longer-term economic

83. Labor’s priority is to ensure that job opportunities are offered to local workers first and that
temporary migration will never be used as a means to undercut local wages, conditions and
training opportunities. Skilled temporary migrants can help Australian businesses to thrive but
will only be used where a verifiable skill shortage exists.
84. Labor will restore public confidence in Australia’s temporary migration program and ensure that
temporary migration does not adversely affect the employment and training opportunities for
Australians, particularly young people who suffer from higher rates of unemployment and

85. Labor will reform the regional migration program and encourage skilled migrants to take up
jobs in rural and regional locations only where skill gaps exist. Migration programs such as
Australia’s Pacific labour mobility arrangements can also play an important part in Australia’s
international relationships and development assistance policies. As part of our commitment to
the Pacific, we will review the Pacific labour mobility scheme to ensure Pacific islanders are
given fair wages and are protected from exploitation.

86. Too often, temporary migrants end up exploited or underpaid with some employers abusing
the system for cheap and disposable labour. Labor will always ensure that measures are
implemented to protect all migrants from exploitation, including:
a. requiring temporary migrants to be paid in accordance with Australian awards or
enterprise agreements and to have their wages paid into an Australian bank account;
b. ensuring temporary migrants are protected by Australian workplace law and are not
exploited through sham contracting or unethical labour hire practices give them; and
c. offering them ‘whistle-blower’ status if they are providing evidence of exploitation.

87. Labor will combat all forms of people smuggling, trafficking and exploitation—by boat, plane or
other means—to ensure visa and work scams are not being used to gain access to Australia’s
labour market.

88. Labor will ensure that no migrant is ‘permanently temporary’. We will align the permanent and
temporary migration programs and ensure that, where appropriate, migrants have pathways to
permanent visas and citizenship. We will encourage temporary visa holders to consider
permanent residency where the visa holders are working under successful arrangements and
have priority skills which are in shortage in Australia.