April 21st, 2022

189 and 491 Family Invites 21st April unofficial results

Occupations invited –

Registered Nurse (in many specialisations)
Social Worker
Agricultural Scientist (491)
Agricultural Consultant (491)
Chemist (491)
Occupational Therapist (491)
Environmental Consultant (491)
Secondary School teacher
Early Childhood Teacher
University Lecturer
Speech Pathologist
Medical Practitioner nec

The lowest score we saw an invite for was
189 visa 90 points (EOI effect date of 24/03/2022)
491 (family) visa 70 points (EOI effect date of 15/02/2022)

Note: there will be many other invites likely in other occupations and at lower scores.
This is just a summary of invites we have seen for your info
(We will update this info over the next few days as we receive more invite information)

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